Why You Should Consider A Local Vista IT Support Service
April 28, 2021

Disaster recovery services are probably the most important aspect of a good IT set up that many business owners overlook because they don’t consider it an urgent service until it’s too late. Many also have a misconception about what disaster recovery services are, and don’t understand that anything from natural disasters to simple electricity failures or even data breaches constitute part of a disaster recovery plan. Investing in a disaster recovery plan right now can save you time and money later on when anything happens to your technology, and the plus side is that you don’t need to rely on yourself to fix these often complicated issues.

What is disaster recovery?

Many people that don’t understand what constitutes disaster recovery assume it only refers to natural disasters or emergencies like theft or, say, a tsunami. The reality is that most disaster situations in IT will be something like a power failure or even spilling water on your computer, which could cause you to lose files if things are stored locally on your device. Disaster recovery plans take into account all of the possible scenarios—from data breaches to actual natural disasters—and determine what the best approach would be to get you back up and running quickly.

The COVID-19 crisis was a form of disaster recovery, as it required many businesses to pivot to remote working for over a year. Having the technology infrastructure to be able to do that is part of disaster recovery, as it requires companies and their IT services to think ahead to anticipate such disasters.

What might a San Diego IT Service add to its disaster recovery plan?

Obviously there are environmental factors that San Diego businesses should take into account such as earthquakes or, if you’re right along the coast, a tsunami. Those are less likely disasters, though, and San Diego disaster recovery plans can include anything from theft precautions to data privacy tools. Ever-changing data protection laws in California mean that businesses need to be prepared for things to change in an instant, and disaster recovery might include working with an IT service to be ahead of those changes.

Things like cloud storage and two-step authentication procedures are all part of these disaster recovery services in San Diego. Help your business stay ahead of these issues by working with a service like Fortress Computers that anticipates these issues ahead of time and prepares you adequately.