Managed IT Services

If you drive a car, you should understand the value of routine maintenance.

We bring our vehicles in for oil changes, check brakes and tires, and replace recommended parts according to schedule.

Ideally these tasks are performed before any real sign of trouble is apparent to the driver. But why couldn’t you just wait until you noticed a problem?

While some people may do that, they soon discover that skipping a $50 oil change can result in thousands of dollars of engine damage. Or, the worn-out tread on those tires sent them skidding across the road during the next rainstorm.

Odds are, your business has much more value than a car. While it may be possible to get by for days, weeks, or months without IT support, you may discover a small problem that could have been addressed by regular maintenance has now blown up into an expensive, business-halting catastrophe.

While large companies can afford an internal IT department, small to medium-sized business may try to go without IT support in an effort to reduce costs.

Fortunately, Fortress has a better option.

Managed IT Services from Fortress Computer Pros provides your company with the expertise, support, and technology of a full IT department at a fraction of the cost.

Regardless of your size or industry, Fortress has flexible plans designed to meet your needs.

Here are the advantages of a Fortress Computer Pros Managed Service Plan:

  • Less Downtime – By keeping up with regular maintenance and detecting issues early, Fortress reduces the frequency of network outages and minimizes the impact when problems do occur.
  • Less Stress – Without an IT partner, business owners, managers, or valuable employees often get dragged into IT planning or troubleshooting. With Fortress, you have a team of IT experts in your corner. Free yourself and staff to focus on doing what you do best.
  • Better Protection – IT risks come in a number of forms -- hackers, viruses, data loss, and more. By ensuring your network is properly designed and protected with the best tools, Fortress gives you top-shelf protection that still fits your budget.
  • Predictable Costs – No one likes expensive surprises. Fortress Managed IT Service plans allow you to budget for predictable IT costs and plan ahead for smart upgrades or expansion.

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