In-shop Service

Computer problems can be a trying experience. Between losing the ability to use your computer, the frustration of dealing with inexperienced “tech support,” and uncertainty about expenses, it’s enough to cause anyone some serious stress.

That’s why Fortress offers a variety of support options to meet your needs. Many service companies only operate remotely or at your location, meaning you often must agree to pay hourly rates without any idea how much time will be required.

Fortress has a fully-staffed, in-shop repair center. Our In-Shop services have low-cost diagnostics and simple, flat rates so you’ll never be stuck paying more than your computer is worth. Once we’ve made a diagnosis, our certified, experienced technicians will take the time to talk to you and explain the problem and solutions in a way that makes sense…no confusing “geek speak.”

Whether you have a desktop or laptop, PC or Mac, here are a few common problems well-suited for In-Shop Service:

  • Computer will not turn on or randomly shuts off
  • Will not load operating system
  • Error messages and blue screens
  • Virus notifications and pop-ups
  • Slow performance
  • Loss of internet access

Call Fortress with any questions or bring in your computer at any time, no appointment required!

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