Data Backup Solutions

The risk of losing your data is one of the biggest threats your business could experience

Your business data is the most important asset of your company. From customer info to financial reports to employee records. These are main points of reference for your business decision-making. Therefore, they must be protected well and the best way to accomplish this is to make a data backup in case of system failure or crash, you have safety net for your data and your business should be okay.

Fortress offers an effective way to keep your data intact. Through our Data Backup Solutions, we provide several ways to protect your data, which include storing them inside your own server, a remote server or cloud backup.

Fortress Data Backup Solutions Include:

  • Continuous Data Protection - Uninterrupted uploads of snapshots of file changes as soon as they are made; you can retrieve any changes made throughout the workday.
  • Global Redundancy - This technique is implemented by spreading out your backup to eliminate the single point of failure.
  • Built-In Retention Policies - Complete and custom-design solutions for compliance.
  • All-Inclusive Agents - Backup solutions that work seamlessly with your existing operating systems and software.
  • Reporting, Access and Reliability - Remote backup with comprehensive reporting for real insight into security and what's being backed up.
  • Seeding and Bandwidth Throttling Option - Facilitating back-up at full speed without slowing down your internet connection.

With Fortress, you can rest assured that your data is protected by our most advanced, state-of-the-art continuous disk-based backup technology. This, along with standby server system, lets you focus on what's really important to you - your business.

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