Cloud Solutions

The rise of cloud solutions provides millions of businesses and users with access to extremely sophisticated features at a small, scalable cost.

Opening the doors to instant worldwide collaboration, on-demand software access, and nearly invincible data backup, cloud solutions continue to change our ideas of what IT can do.

At Fortress, we stay on top of the latest cloud developments and solutions in order to provide your business a cutting-edge advantage.

Productivity tools have gone to the cloud. Google Apps, anchored by the popular Gmail service, provide a native-cloud experience. Or, if you prefer the power of Microsoft Office, Office 365 gives you easy access to Outlook, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and more while amplifying your data sharing and collaboration options.

The cloud has transformed backup as well. Years ago, ensuring your network was securely backed up offsite often required expensive equipment or complex backup routines. Now, it’s possible to use cloud providers to get your data securely backed up to multiple top-level data centers around the world in near real-time.

Benefits of Cloud Solutions from Fortress:

  • Flexible – Choose from a suite of services that meet your specific business requirements. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Scalable – Older solutions often required a certain number of users before it made financial sense to implement. With the cloud, even the smallest businesses can achieve premium features and gradually grow user by user as the business expands.
  • Mobile – Between laptops, smartphones, and tablets, the modern workforce continues to become increasingly mobile. Cloud solutions allow you to access your critical files and valuable software from any device, anywhere.

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