Backup and Disaster Recovery

When your computer systems are working properly, it’s tempting to think nothing bad will happen. Unfortunately, that’s simply wishful thinking.

Hard drives fail. Employees make mistakes. Fire, flood, and theft can strike without warning.

While it may sound like “doom and gloom,” we’ve seen far too many businesses and individuals suffer data loss that could have been easily avoided. Even many who think they have a backup often leave themselves extremely vulnerable.

Fortress offers a range of Backup And Disaster Recovery solutions to meet the unique needs of your business.

Here are the CRUCIAL backup questions to ask about your business data:

  • Is All Of My Data Backed Up Regularly and Automatically? – If your backup relies on someone remembering to run it, I’ve got bad news for you. People make mistakes or forget. You need automated systems in place to remove human error and make sure your backups aren’t weeks, months, or even years old.
  • Are My Backups Stored In A Different Physical Location? – Many people think a USB drive connected to their computer counts as a backup. While it may help if your hard drive fails, having both copies in one physical location can lead to disaster in a catastrophic situation such as fire, flood, or theft.
  • Do I Regularly Verify My Backups? – While backup automation is a wonderful thing, problems can still arise. You want to discover failed or corrupted backups proactively, not when you need to rely on them.
  • How Long Would It Take To Be Up And Running After A Disaster? – Many businesses back up their data, but overlook this key fact. If disaster strikes, would you be measuring downtime in days, hours, or minutes?

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