Here is Why IT Support in San Diego is an Essential Service

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April 20, 2020
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May 26, 2020
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Here is Why IT Support in San Diego is an Essential Service

In such uncertain times where coronavirus constantly threatens our day to day lives, it can be hard to keep track of what may or may not be an essential business. Some places that you might think are key businesses are being forced to close, while others are able to stay open based on the customer base that they serve. Here at Fortress Computer, we’re allowed to stay open because we supply critical IT services to healthcare providers and other essential services in the San Diego area. Here is why:

Data Protection

IT companies are generally able to claim that they are essential businesses because they provide a service to many companies that would compromise data protection and computer systems in places like hospitals and other companies. In other words, if IT companies were not able to work at this time then it might mean that health information and other data becomes susceptible to data theft or exposure during this time.

Without essential data protection, data protected by HIPAA and other data protection laws might face a risk of exposure. If IT professionals can’t monitor and constantly update systems to reflect new troubleshooting issues, they won’t be able to avoid data problems before they even happen or quickly repair them once they do.

Emergency Preparedness

Many people don’t realize it but IT services are a form of emergency preparedness because they allow businesses to prepare their technology for potential emergencies that might result in data loss or expensive repairs. If your business were to get flooded or face an earthquake during this time of self isolation when so many shops and businesses are closed, you want to make sure that your data and any work stored on your computer is safe during this time.

At the very least, being able to work from home during a period of time when so many can’t go into an office is, on its own, a form of IT emergency preparedness. It allows you and your employees the freedom to be able to conduct business from remote locations, which might require something like cloud-based storage and other infrastructure that an IT company can set up for you beforehand.


If an IT company were to have to close during this period, it might leave other businesses at-risk of not being able to solve problems in real time as they come up. Many IT companies are there for troubleshooting to help their clients overcome challenges posed by technology as it happens. If your business were to face a sudden computer crash or a problem with its network, IT services are there to help out and make sure the problem is solved quickly and efficiently.