How San Diego Computer IT Support Can Help You Build A Pandemic Plan

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January 22, 2020
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How San Diego Computer IT Support Can Help You Build A Pandemic Plan

It’s hard to say what the right move is in a time where history is being written on a daily basis. Few living people today have lived through anything comparable to the Coronavirus pandemic, and even fewer businesses know how to handle it correctly. When it comes to business, few were able to fully prepare for the severity of change that the pandemic would have on their daily lives before it went into effect. In California, as many businesses face forced closures under a “shelter in place” order, there are a couple of ways that businesses can prepare for these types of pandemics in the future.

Make sure your business is work from home friendly.

Moving your office to your home may not be easy, but it can be easier with the right technology and preparedness beforehand. Consider moving much of your work to cloud storage where you can, especially if you work with a lot of documents that could easily be kept on something as simple as a Google Drive. We understand that not every business is suited to work from home, but with the ease of access that technology offers us today, we believe that many businesses are more than capable of shifting their operations to remote offices if need be.

Even if you work with sensitive information—let’s say, as a tax CPA, the right IT company will be able to work around your specific needs to keep things secure so that your clients are comfortable with working with you if you have to begin working from home.

Mitigate risk with HR and pandemic response measures

Making sure that your workers are safe from a pandemic is only part of the equation for a business. Businesses that work directly with consumers, rather than being part of a greater supply chain, run the risk of spreading infection rates in the wake of a pandemic with the wrong preparation in place. Working with HR representatives to create pandemic response measures that benefit both your employees and your customers and clients will only help you in the end.

From an IT perspective, this might involve working with your HR (or publicist) to develop a plan for pandemic response that streamlines communications and business practices in the future. In the event that you may have to close, as is the case for many businesses in San Diego right now, IT support can help streamline communications to your customers and adjust anything for your employees that may need to be done so that you can cease operations in a timely fashion.