Disaster Recovery Services Could Save Your San Diego Business

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June 18, 2019
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Disaster Recovery Services Could Save Your San Diego Business

If a natural disaster or emergency were to happen today, would your business be safe from the loss of data and technical information? If you keep all of your files in physical filing cabinets, as physical papers, would you be able to go on if those got lost or destroyed? These are things that San Diego businesses need to keep in mind, especially now that technology makes it effortless to access information in a flash. Disaster recovery services in San Diego can make or break your business in times of trouble. Cloud based storage options make it easy to store data and information automatically, making it easy to access this information from anywhere, and on any device.

Cloud storage is, essentially, the reason that many businesses are able to operate remotely in today’s day and age. When you save something on a cloud-based storage platform, it sends the information to a remote location to have it stored, rather than keeping everything on a single device. While cloud-based storage is only one aspect of disaster recovery, it makes up a major part of business and computing that can both free up time and save you from the stress of having to deal with lost files, data, and information.

Natural Disaster

In the event of a natural disaster, which could come in the form of an earthquake or tsunami when it comes to businesses in the San Diego area, being able to recover data automatically is essential to picking up where you left of when you can go back to work. Without disaster recovery, natural disasters pose major threats toward computing with data loss and destroyed files. With data recovery, however, getting back in the swing of things is as simple as getting a new device.


Being a victim of theft is never an easy thing to digest, but without disaster recovery it can mean the difference between a loss in data and important files as well as a threat to the security of those files. Where a natural disaster means that files are potentially lost, theft implies that the data you store in your devices could be taken and used maliciously. If your business keeps credit card information or other sensitive data taken from your clients and customers, theft can result in huge fines given to you by organizations like the Securities and Exchange Comissions, or the Federal Trade Commission.

Power or Hardware Failure

This may seem like no big deal, but imagine the stress you’ll go through if your computer crashes one day or turns off before you’ve been able to save sensitive data or hard work. One of the biggest benefits that come with remote cloud storage is that things are often saved automatically. This way, you can access your files exactly how you left them from anywhere, on any device.

Rapid Recovery

One of the biggest mistakes we run into is when businesses keep their backup servers in their office or business. This is because if something goes wrong or if their devices get stolen, the backup devices also go with it. Geographic redundancies like this are one of the biggest reasons that disaster recovery is often associated with cloud storage. Cloud storage makes it possible to keep a copy of your data in another location, that way if you have to access your backup files, you can do it from anywhere.

Fortress computers offers a reliable strategy for disaster recovery and can work with your business to come up with a plan that suits your budget and needs. Coping with theft or natural disaster is a major “what if,” but if it does happen it should be easy to go back to work when you can. In the same way that you would insure your office against natural disaster, insure your data against it too.