Here’s Why Your Computer May Be Running Slow & How Computer Services Can Help

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April 22, 2019
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Here’s Why Your Computer May Be Running Slow & How Computer Services Can Help

For bigger computer problems and the need for a developed IT system, hiring computer services for your San Diego business may be the best option. Smaller issues, however, can often be fixed on your own. Noticing an issue like a slow computer can often mean a variety of issues, but it’s easy to narrow down what the cause can be once you’ve eliminated a couple of factors. Below we’ve discussed some common reasons your computer may be running slowly. Discuss these issues with your San Diego computer services expert to be able to eliminate the problem in the future.

It’s Being Overworked

How many programs are you running right now? If you get into the habit of not exiting out of every program and turning your computer off every night when you finish working you may be overworking the system. Having too many tabs open at once or running too many programs at the same time can slow your computer down significantly. Luckily, this is an easy fix. Get in the habit of closing out of programs when you’re done with them to keep your computer running at optimal speeds.

There are Too Many Software Updates

Nearly every software you download is going to have updates frequently. If you run a lot of softwares or have a lot of things downloaded onto your computer but never update any of them, they’ll eventually become so far out of date that they’ll appear to make your computer run slowly. Regularly updating your softwares (especially your operating system) can assure that everything is running up to speed the way it should be.

However, if your computer is too old it may not be compatible with newer softwares and can, therefore, also run slowly. Consult one of the many computer services in San Diego like Fortress computers to get the right advice regarding how to make your computer run faster by updating its softwares and operating system. Taking the step to consult a professional can save you from the trouble of having to go through trial and error regarding your computer speed. If your computer is too old, it may be time to upgrade to a newer model. Although it costs more than a simple fix, it will increase your productivity and ability in the long run.

A Virus

This is a fairly uncommon issue if you’re working from an Apple computer, as viruses are harder to create for Mac computers than they are PC and Linux. Nevertheless, viruses are still common today among PC users. A virus can be downloaded onto your computer from the internet in a file. Most of the time this happens when someone opens a link or downloads a file that hasn’t been verified as being what it says it’s supposed to be.

Viruses can slow your computer down significantly. Most of the time they’re nothing more than a big inconvenience to have to find and get rid of correctly, but some can cause significant damage. Viruses have been known to slow down computers, delete files, change your computer’s memory system, and alter the performance of the machine. If you’re unaware of how to get rid of viruses properly, consult a computer services specialist in the San Diego area.

Your Hard Drive

If your computer is older, it may be time to look at getting a new hard drive or expanding your storage options into a portable hard drive. Check on your hard drive capacity by going into your computer’s settings and looking at what percentage of the hard drive has been used. On a PC you can find this by going into the start menu, clicking on settings, and going into the “system” option within that. The storage tab will be able to tell you how much of your hard drive is available. On a Mac, you can find this out by clicking on the apple icon in the top left corner of the screen. In the “About This Mac” section, choose the storage option. This will tell you how much of your storage is being used.

Adding more hard drive space is simple if you know what you’re doing. This is a problem that would be better suited to consult a professional about if you don’t know what you’re getting into. They’ll also be able to suggest different options based on your needs.

Your Browser

Many people forget that their browser takes up a lot of space in their computer’s storage system because every computer has an internet browser. However, if you’ve added a lot of plugins, tools, and add ons to your browser it may be the reason your computer is slowing down. Try getting rid of plugins and add ons that you don’t use to speed things up.