How Disaster Recovery Services For Your San Diego Business Can Protect Against Cyber Attacks

HIPAA Compliant San Diego Keeps The Grinch Away
December 18, 2019
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How Disaster Recovery Services For Your San Diego Business Can Protect Against Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks are some of the most stressful ways in which your technology can fail you or your business in 2020. But what is a cyber attack? And how do you prevent one from happening to you—or even identifying whether or not your business is potentially at risk of falling victim to this particularly stressful type of scam.

The worst part about cyber attacks is that you, the business, are at fault legally if you fall victim to one and the attacker manages to get ahold of sensitive customer data. Your customers trust that their information is safe when they give it to you, so it’s your responsibility to have all types of disaster recovery taken care of from the start.

In the case of a cyber attack, you could be held legally liable if someone steals sensitive data from your database and uses it in a malicious way. Data breaches happen every day, and laws are becoming more strict to protect the consumer from being exposed due to businesses that don’t have their disaster recovery services in order to protect against things like cyber attacks.

Preventing The Problem

Disaster recovery services are sort of an all-encompassing term to refer to the methods in which your business will recover its data in case of an emergency. These services also include prevention, as a big part of data safety is in preventing disasters from happening in the first place. For your San Diego business, that could be anything from an earthquake to a data breach.

Make sure that your San Diego business is protected from disasters like cyber attacks by implementing a combination of security measures that limit how many people can access the information in the first place, as well as cloud-based services that let you monitor who is able to access your network and when, while giving you the freedom and ability to control who is on your network at all times.

By compartmentalizing who is able to access what, you let your employees access the information that they need without risking the loss or exposure of data. For HIPAA compliant businesses, this is especially important, and you should consider implementing disaster recovery services through your IT company that let you compartmentalize what sort of information can be accessed at all times.

Your IT company can help design disaster recovery services and prevention strategies for your San Diego business to minimize the risk of a cyber attack at all times. While this is only one type of disaster recovery service, it could be the most important if it saves you and your customers from having sensitive data exposed or lost.