HIPAA Compliant San Diego Keeps The Grinch Away

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November 26, 2019
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HIPAA Compliant San Diego Keeps The Grinch Away

We can likely all agree that the holiday season is the worst time to find out about bad news. In business, particularly in the medical industry, if the bad news involves a breach of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA, for short) it can be particularly stressful. While there is a checklist on how you can assure your San Diego business is HIPAA compliant, here are three easy ways to assure your holiday season goes smoothly.

Compliant Security

One of the main tenets of a HIPAA compliant business is the technical aspect. Your business’s IT system should not only be up to date, but be as secure as possible and take preventative measures to avoid issues like data breaches, data losses in the event of an emergency, or other technical issues that are often easy to avoid but hard to clean up later on.

Talk with your IT network manager to assure that your system is secure, takes every measure possible to assure only the right people have access to certain data, and that your information and data is backed up in case of an emergency or disaster. Trust us when we say that it’s better to ask this simple question firsthand than deal with a data breach or loss of data later on. Most importantly, though, your security system should be reflective of your ethos as a business—a business with low-quality security, especially in the medical industry, is often not taken seriously.

Disaster Recovery

When we talk about disaster recovery we’re not always talking about a loss of data from an earthquake or a tsunami—though those are threats to San Diego businesses. Often, the most common form of technology disaster is simple human error or a power outage. If you have ever accidentally deleted an important document or fallen victim to a computer crash before you could save something you were working on, disaster recovery practices could have been your saving grace.

Sometimes disaster recovery is as simple as having a cloud-based work system set up that will save things automatically as they’re being worked on (think Google Docs, or similar services). Other times it will be more complicated and require intricate systems. These are all things your IT network specialist can help set up for you.

Administration Efforts

Finally, it’s no secret that education is the best way to avoid problems—especially in the medical industry. Take time to make sure that all of your employees are educated on what it means to be HIPAA compliant. Often this may require effort and time on your part, but it will pay off later on when you are able to avoid problems that result from not having a HIPAA compliant administration—one of the three key facets of HIPAA compliance in business!