Why San Diego’s Smaller Businesses Can Benefit from Cloud Storage & IT Managed Services

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October 29, 2018
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Why San Diego’s Smaller Businesses Can Benefit from Cloud Storage & IT Managed Services

Cloud storage can be confusing for anyone that hasn’t taken the time to understand the service, but any San Diego business with IT managed services should look into how cloud storage can help their business grow and flourish. The basics of cloud-storage are this; instead of storing all of your company’s information in a drive that’s physically located within your business, cloud storage allows you to store your information in a remote location. This gives you the ability to access the information from anywhere, at any time.

Gone are the days where, in order to access important information, it requires you to be in your office or business on a specific computer. The benefits of cloud storage go beyond accessibility, and combined with IT managed services your San Diego business will see streamlined improvements, access to information and the security of knowing that your information is safe.

Shared Vs. Private

When it comes to cloud storage and IT managed services for San Diego businesses, there are a few different things that you should understand. First, consider whether you want to be part of a shared or a private network of cloud-based storage facilities. There are drawbacks and benefits to both. A shared network often has its own IT managed service and security system in place, that way you don’t have to design your own, but it may be limited in terms of how much you can store on the network at one time. Having your own network has great payoff, but it means that you’ll need to host it yourself from a remote location or from your San Diego business. It also means that security is up to you or your team of IT managed services.

Investing in your own team of IT managed services in San Diego is often a good solution for larger businesses that are dependent on technology. These services will handle the troubleshooting for you, so you and your employees can get back to the task at hand. These services will handle any issues that arise, but they can also help design and implement networks, services and even cloud-storage on their own. Outsourcing these things will free up your time, and businesses that need larger networks can benefit from IT managed services that create them from scratch.


One of the biggest benefits to cloud storage is that important information isn’t physically stored within your business. This offers a certain level of protection from problems like natural disasters or theft that physical hard drives simply cannot offer. If something were to happen to your San Diego business, you don’t want all of your most important information to be exposed or lost as well.

IT managed services can help you distinguish what would be the best solution for your San Diego business. The experts in the IT industry have knowledge of the IT best practices and information about cloud storage that will take the stress out of your hands.